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Your support never goes unnoticed. 

Our Story

Luxurious Vegan was founded by Whitney Cooley in September 2020.

"I've always suffered from dry skin during changing seasons, but during the 2020 pandemic when hand-washing became a more tedious thing, I found that my dry skin was starting to appear the same as eczema and my nails were becoming very brittle. I couldn't use store brand lotions or creams because they would cause my skin to burn due to the cracks that were developing in my skin. After doing extensive research on the products that I was using, I found that they all contained different harsh and toxic chemicals that could all be avoided. I then became obsessed with researching ways to give my skin, nails, and hair all healthier alternatives for whenever I felt a lack of moisture or nutrients."  -Whitney.

Having launched only three years ago, Luxurious Vegan first began gaining attention, by Whitney’s infamous "Resurrection Oil," consisting of three different scents that she used to create the perfect skincare and haircare routine. Whitney has since gone on to expand the collection into a full range of color cosmetics, including vegan nail polish, foundation, eyeshadow, setting powder, lip-gloss, lipliners, mink eyelashes, beauty essential products, candles, and more! Whitney has worked hard to create a line of products that she feels captures the Luxurious Vegan aesthetic. The goal is to make luxurious beauty essential items affordable and healthy. She is currently working in labs to release some exciting new things in the near future. Follow our social media to stay up to date with our latest announcements and releases- We promise, you won’t want to miss it! 




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